Dear Governor Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan


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protect our flag

Dear Mitt Romney (and Paul Ryan too).
Am I voting for you because you are white? No, color is not even a consideration – I vote from a political stance. Am I voting for you because you have a flawless record and have never made a mistake? No, the only candidate that could fit that is God or Jesus Christ and their name is not on the ballot or I would vote for them. Am I voting for you because I support every detail for your Presidential plan? No, I don’t agree 100% on anyone’s plans for America other than my own – and I keep poking holes in my own bag of solutions for America.

I am voting for you because I have researched your life personal and political and found that you are a man of morals, which has a deep love for this country and the people in it. The team in the White House has now shown they lack morals, manners, integrity, honesty, and lack any type of business knowledge. They are hypocrites from The First Lady demanding people to eat healthy while her husband hands out Pizza’s and gobbles down chili Cheese fries – to blaming Bush for our financial state today when they have lowered our credit rating, increased of debt by Trillions and yet they have million dollar dinners to entertain.
Governor Romney and Ryan, I am 54, sick and in need of Expensive tests to find out what is wrong but, if I die from lack of Medical care, I will gladly do so to repeal Obama Care. I am but one and Our Great Country needs a tighter budget more than it needs a 54 year old author/columnist.
I am voting for you because we need someone that can lead our great nation out of the financial and operational muck we have sunk into over the last four years. We need to keep our military strong with all the essentials to protect our great land in such troubling times. We need a leader that will not allow our people to be murdered as he watches it on a screen and refuse cries for help.
We need someone that does not make crude remarks about virginity to our young women nor do they make crude remarks about the balls of a Navy SEAL who died defending the very Americans whom they refused help. That remark was made to the grieving Father of TY, Mr. Romney.
Please know that in your plans for our country, over the next 4 years that, I would always support you in your choice of:
(1) Our Military and the security of our country over Big Bird.
(2) Our Ambassadors, military and people over what Benghazi thought about us.
(3) To remain dignified when attacked verbally by rude laughing Jackals.
(4) To honor our Country’s Veterans by upholding the governments contract made with them the day they dedicated their lives to our country.
(5) To limit government and weed out life time positions in Congress.
(6) To hold Congress to the same laws and health care that American citizens are held.
(7) To hand back the power to our states which has been taken over by a greedy, power hungry Government.
(8) To simplify the tax system even if it is taking away some deductions in order to give back to us in other ones.
(9) To give back to the citizens their right to make decisions.
(10) To give back the right of the Churches to uphold their belief’s as long as it doesn’t enforce Sharia Law.
(11) As you respect, honor and enforce our Constitution.
(12) As your new plan creates, more assistance while implementing a superior program, for people to attend college and trade schools.

You see, many people have been scared by Obama’s Campaign lies, scare tactics and twisting your words. They cannot or will not research your plans on Social Security, Medicare, or tax revamping. If they did so without fear, they will see you are not throwing us under the bus but just simplifying the programs and revamping the procedures to be more efficient.
As far as Obama’s claiming you have waged war on women – I am a woman and I don’t feel a war has been “waged” against me. I don’t feel entitled to make others pay for my life choices. Instead, I feel blessed to be free in this country and that allows me to post blogs as this one does. It is up to Churches, charitable organizations, the state, the city and the individual to assist those in need instead of forcing them to donate through their taxes to assistance programs they don’t approve. Yes, I believe Medicaid & Food Stamps should be available to those in real need. I also believe in drug testing to be qualified for these programs. The people who work every day to pay taxes for it are drug tested so why not the recipients of their tax money?
I honestly believe that if you saw the plan was not operating as you planned – you would fix it. Nowhere in that huge charitable heart is there any desire to hurt or neglect any person. (It’s one of the main reasons I leave my children & grandchildrens life in your hands)

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, a GOP p...

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, a GOP presidential hopeful, campaigns May 9 in Ames. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If anyone takes the time to see your charitable works compared to Obama’s – they would be astounded by the show of caring and giving you do compared to relatively 1/100th of Obama’s monetary gifts. Yes, I researched it and I am so proud you don’t wave that in anyone’s face. You understand what many have forgotten. You give for the giving and not for the pats on the back.
Please make me proud of my vote by never lying to us (like our present President in outsourcing when he has done it…. Even as far as having their Campaign buses made in Canada instead of the United States), Please never ask our children to send their monetary gifts to you for your re-election. Please make me proud Governor Romney that I entrusted the greatest nation in the world to you. I will pray to GOD (Yes I am clinging to my religion and my guns) each day you are in office to help guide you as you begin the journey of repairing and fortifying America. Oh, and by the way, don’t let them give you crap about your lack of experience in foreign affairs- Obama didn’t have any and the people voted him in anyway. I believe you have 4 times the experience Obama had when he was elected.
I am finishing this as the sun is rising. I couldn’t sleep because I am excited to be able to cast my vote for you today, October the 27th, 2012! Welcome to Pensacola!
God go with you always, and I pray he guides your hands, heart and actions every day.
Bonita Britt,
Pensacola, Florida
(Pen Name Rhiannon Waits or Rhiannon Britt).

New Update: I went to cast my vote early for you and was very very happy to see long lines of cars parked on the side of the road and just as happy to stand in a very long line to cast my ballot.  As trained to do, the volunteer asked if I would like a “Privacy Folder” to tuck my ballot in. I just smiled and answered no, that I wasn’t ashamed of who I was voting for.

You will be happy to know that people were talking in line and it seemed the big turn out was to get you in office.