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Adapted from Wikipedia's KY county maps by Set...

Adapted from Wikipedia’s KY county maps by Seth Ilys. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My name is Bonita Britt and I am the mother Larry Freeman Orr Jr. My professional name for reporting, writing and Talk Show, is Rhiannon Waits. I live in Pensacola, Florida and my son lives in Russellville, Ky.
My son has been imprisoned & released on Parole -since 2000 for theft when he was 17. He served out on June 11 2011. He was retained on parole until restitution was satisfied. Last week he was in Hickman County court and satisfied restitution. As he was leaving court, he was arrested for violation of Parole. Failure to comply is the official charge I believe. He has been incarcerated for a week now.
Before anyone would assist in pay off for the restitution, we had my son call three way to the Russellville Parole Office to ensure this would satisfy his Parole. The woman who is the supervisor at that office told us that as long as restitution was satisfied they were satisfied and he would be off parole. I also talk to Mike Stacy (Commonwealth Attorney for Hickman County KY) and Mark Blankenship’s office (Calloway County Commonwealth Attorney) and they agree to the settlement of the restitution. Judge Langford of Hickman County agreed as well.
We still do not trust Russellville Parole Office since they had harassed my son and cost him what few jobs were available in Russellville KY.
I called my friend who was the D.A. for New York City and asked his advice. His name is Daniel Murphy. His son a Navy SEAL is Michael Murphy which the movie was made about when he was killed along with 2 others in Afghanistan. He told me to hire an attorney to make sure the State of Kentucky would keep their word this time.
Lisa DeRenard of Benton Kentucky was hired and all paper work and agreements were made through her. She was in court with my son finishing up paperwork and leaving with him when he was arrested. We were unaware there had been a warrant issued for him and since the parole office had been contacted and details were finished we were in total shock when he was arrested.
His attorney was hired to handle the transactions and paperwork not to represent him over arrest since that was not foreseen. As of today, Hickman County has put a hold on the settlement of $6000.00 dollars and it appears the money to that county has just been taken as our $2000.00 was in 2011. Calloway County has settled for 3000.00 and they have not reneged on their agreement.
The hatred of the people of Russellville Parole has robbed us of what was to be the new beginning for a 17 year old boy arrested & set up by Deputy Max Parrish (who was later arrested for running a theft ring, Drug ring and kidnapping). My son has not committed a crime in the 13 years and yet has been pulled back in prison for his inability to keep up restitution payments and Child support. He had to sign over his 3 sons. He missed the birth of his daughter. We have missed years of being with our child because he was made to live in another state without family.
I am implore you to assist us in finishing the 13 years of broken promises, unreasonable treatment and a personal hell inflicted on Larry Freeman Orr JR., his children, brothers and parents. PLEASE help us.

English: Image is similar, if not identical, t...

English: Image is similar, if not identical, to the Kentucky Department of Corrections patch. Made with Photoshop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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