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I read an article on MSN today where a American African man  pulled over to have the “black man code” talk with son. (Yes I put American first because I believe every citizen of the United States should be American before any other nationality)He said his son was 12 and he never planned to have the “Talk” so soon but after the Trayvon Martin Case, he felt the time had come. While taking his son to school that morning, his son listened to the radio and then asked his dad why the killer wasn’t in jail. The father pulled over and started to explain …

(Alan, 2012) “As I explained it, the Code goes like this: Always pay close attention to your surroundings, son, especially if you are in an affluent neighborhood where black folks are few. Understand that even though you are not a criminal, some people might assume you are, especially if you are wearing certain clothes. Never argue with police, but protect your dignity and take pride in humility. When confronted by someone with a badge or a gun, do not flee, fight, or put your hands anywhere other than up. Please don’t assume, son, that all white people view you as a threat. America is better than that. Suspicion and bitterness can imprison you. But as a black male, you must go above and beyond to show strangers what type of person you really are. ”

 I thought about his speech and, to my dismay, knew most of it was accurate. It shouldn’t be that way however it will never get better as long as people fan racial tensions.

 Just a few examples: you worry about putting Christmas lights on a live tree because in some instances it could cause a fire that would take everything from you. More often than not, they will never cause a fire… but you use caution because you have heard they have caused fires.Its not that you hate live Christmas trees. You probably were cautious after watching and hearing news stories of violence or received the rotating email about a man hiding in the back of someones car. ( Tell the truth – you looked in your back seat before getting in your car for quite a while)  Regardless the skin color, a female is nervous when she meets a strange male in a vulnerable area. It doesn’t not matter what color skin he has.

Other people,  besides American Africans, cannot argue with law enforcement either. If someone was to actually care enough to research the statistics, they would realize that no one can resist arrest or bait law enforcement without the same outcome. Everyone needs to put their hands up in these cases.

That paragraph on the “Black Mans Code” applies to all of our sons and daughters too. People are scared of teenagers because of the rise in teen crime! It doesn’t matter that all teenagers are aren’t criminals – people are suspicious of them.

The next paragraph in his article can be applied in reverse. Don’t assume every American African will call you a cracker, honkey, and other slurs. Not every American African will circle you and try to threaten you. Quite a few believe in equality and don’t expect you to pay for the actions of an Ancestor you or they have never met. America is better than that. Not every American African will join the black panthers and try to intimidate you at the voting polls so you will stay away. Look at Herman Cain and Allen West! Both men are successful and become so because of their actions and not by pulling the race card.

 Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson gained their financial and social success by keeping racial tensions alive and by making all sides resentful of the other. People who truly do good work don’t do so to gain attention but instead for the cause they represent. When recognition comes, it will be through the action of others and not because they drew the attention to themselves.

My children and yours will have to realize that the term “racist” doesn’t apply when slurs are directed at a Caucasian. If there were true equality then Al Sharpton & Jessie Jackson would not stand for other races being taunted and struck out it by American Africans. They would want equality.

If we were truly equal then Caucasians could have a white channel, a white history month, a white scholarship, a white high school club, and a white dating club to join as American Africans have. True equality is achieved through all sides joining together instead of drawing racial lines. When it is achieved, a Caucasian can dislike a President or any American African for their beliefs, practices or actions without fear of being called a racist. Being equal means the same laws, rules and expectations apply to every citizen.

Sadly, I will have to tell my children and grandchildren to expect to be hated if they do not agree with many viewpoints. One of my sons house was broken into by a American African man and my son defended his home and family. This made him a target by American Africans and when they would see him they would call him honkey, cracker and other racial slurs. They actually sent a child less than 10 years old to call him names and throw rocks at him as he walked down a sidewalk. One night when his car broke down several young American African boys waited for him when he was walking home and beat him, spit on him and left him for dead. I ask the police department why they were not handling this as a hate crime. I was surprised when they told me it didn’t apply to attacks on white people. The young men that beat him were less than 18 and their mothers swore they were all at home. Nothing was ever done.

That didn’t make national news as a hate crime so I suppose the policemen were right. The burglar suffered a broken jaw but his friends retaliation against my son left him with a broken nose, ribs, several bruises & injuries. He received this for protecting his family and home from a burglar who admitted he was high and broke in their home. I am thankful his case wasn’t treated as a hate crime because, no one would have seen the crime that occurred and would have only seen the color involved. Had it gone viral it would have gotten attention for the wrong reason.

You are only equal when you quit seeing color of skin and start seeing the person, crime or event. You are only equal when the same laws, privileges and rules apply to everyone. Your only equal when you opinion of someone is based on the persons actions instead of their race. I suppose it is time to talk with our children because as long as prejudice and racism can only be claimed solely by one race, then caucasians will need to learn to walk softly and speak sparingly about crimes against them and not voice their opinions.

 Today there are American Africans called racists because they disagree with the Presidents politics so that should be an indicator that everyone who disagrees with his politics will be the object of attack regardless the color of their skin.

It’s really sad that the death of a young man and the spirit of who he was -will never be seen by most because they are focusing on the color of his skin or his killers skin. We need to demand justice be served without being racist against others. A young man died and we need to make sure our system treats  all parties justly.

 Our own President started giving out hoodies in support of the protests about Trayvons case. instead of trying to draw the people together and help them keep focus on what truly mattered in this investigation. Justice matters. A system that doesn’t fail to carry out the law swiftly and accurately- matters.  As we need to enforce our constitution and we also need to enforce our justice system. Neither should go unenforced.

 The President is white and black and yet he refers to himself as an African-American. George Zimmerman’s mother is from Peru but lists herself as Latino. His father lists himself as white yet his last name suggests a Jewish Heritage. Zimmerman’s family consists of Latino’s, blacks and whites and yet to fuel the fire of racism he is called white. He is no whiter than Obama.

 Old pictures of Trayvon as a child was published and broadcasted while an old picture of George in the jailhouse orange suit was splayed across paper, television and internet. Why try to swing this in any direction except to obtain justice and possibly, to review the Florida’s “stand your ground laws”? As you can see from the picture above, the next photos released give the semblence of Trayvon being the hoodlum and George being a well to do businessman. Maybe there shouldn’t be any pictures released if people can’t refrain from trying to sway others opinion through them.

 I don’t blame this “Alan” for having a talk with his son nor do I blame White parents for having a talk with their kids. There are racist idiots in the country that cannot see beyond their own color nor can they mourn a tragedy  or the death of a young man without trying to use it to advance their own agendas.

Trayvon isn’t the only case where law enforcement have been known to drop the ball. That happens to all races. They either didn’t display it on the news, it slipped the publics mind or it didn’t catch their attention.