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I personally find Mr. Weiner a self serving immoral cheating pervert who lacks the integrity or scruples to put any of his family, people he represents or country before his own deviated conquests. It is disgusting & I don’t want to believe the majority of our country has done such. However let’s get past my own moral indignation & go to the political part of this kettle of poo being stirred.
He is a liar & a cheat that requested numerous media outlets time & resources to spread his lies & lame excuses to not only his country but also the world. He allowed this to go so far that our government spent time & our precious monetary resources to investigate the possibility that their system had been hacked and/or compromised.
I thought our goal was to put in office honest people who were tired of politicians lying & cheating for their own self gratification. Obama was elected because he stood on a platform of change (People forgot that change could be for the good or the bad) & crystal clear books. Which, I don’t believe the people got what he promised them, – but none the less – it showed America wanted honesty & people geared to fight against lies deceit & politicians who only cared about themselves. If wiener would lie deceive and use government resource to show his wiener and chat with the ladies he twittered , at the expense of embarrassing his wife, state & country then he has showed he would cheat & lie for what he personally wanted regardless of what is best for this country. I think we all have enough of that crap.
He should resign because his actions have shown he is not deserving of his position. He is no longer trusted & his judgment is impaired. He should resign as others before him have done for lesser offenses. However, he states he is not going to resign – which shows, once again, he is thinking of his own wants and needs before the people he vowed to represent. It shows he doesn’t think honesty, integrity or morality is important in a persona when representing the people. He is sorry he was caught not sorry he did it or he would have just admitted it, apologized quietly and resigned. He didn’t respect his family and he sure didn’t respect his country. If he gets away with such blatant dishonesty then it sends a message that we the people do not care if you lie & cheat – lack character, integrity, moral fiber or respect for the office in which you hold in representation of the people.
Bottom line. If you don’t mind he is an immoral bastard who has betrayed his wife’s trust- you need to care he lacks integrity & the inability to put his respect for his position & his country first. If he betrayed his family – you can guarantee he will betray the people he represents.

(I personally detest the fact Obama is in office but attempt to analyze how he was elected)