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Politically Correct- Is it the downfall of America?

            In going through the events in our country, one cannot help but be mind boggled at the obvious double standards our federal government and numerous representatives of the “people” display for all to see. If it wasn’t a obvious fact, it would make one of those ridiculous movies that goes far beyond stupid.
            The White House and congress constantly go beyond ignorance, and like the fairy tale about the emperor who wore no clothes, expects us to silently set by and be in awe of the imaginary clothes. I make no apologies, and I call it like I see it – He’s naked. It’s right in front of us and I am amazed at the people either ignoring it or commenting on how he is well dressed.
             In reference to ILLEGAL immigrants who have invaded our country, the White House prances around and throws out meaningless words, evades the situation and tries to stop anyone attempting to make an illegal situation – well, legal. Whenever Arizona stood up and said “We will enforce the law! Our state is being raped by illegal’s committing crimes and draining our livelihood!’ – The President was outraged and the attorney general launched a suit against the state to stop them from protecting themselves and their citizens. Talk about politically and morally incorrect – that is a smack in the face to our ancestors who came here legally. It belittles the process and the honorable action of those who came here through meeting the requirements and screening our country sets forth. So once again, President Obama prances around nude and wants you to be impressed with his illusions of clothing. Just admire him and follow government’s orders instead of paying attention to the fact they could be accused by some as aiding and abiding a crime within our country by ignoring what is obvious. People are here ILLEGALLY and they are draining our states and national resources. I, for one, will not follow and nor am I impressed.
           The largest majority of Americans do not think they are superior to any other race or nationality. However, we have the watch dog  Al Sharpton which has his faces on the news constantly pointing out what he consider to be racism. I think it is fantastic to have watchdogs as long as they aren’t biased when it comes to seeing racism or stoop to embellish the facts just to become a media whore or a feces blender. Anyone in that position should be a balanced and fair to all races or they become a bigot themselves.

         While it is true we still have the KKK using the 1st Amendment rights within our country, it is just as factual that the opposition is the Black Panthers that targets the whites. Al Sharpton, in an interview over their armed presence at voting polls, clearly showed his prejudiced mindset by blowing off the Black Panther situation and yet was adamant it would be wrong if the KKK did what the panthers did. Evidently Eric Holder agreed because he did NOTHING. I believe this segment was on the The O’Reilly Factor with Bill O’Reilly.
          Al Sharpton has the unique ability in his position to demonstrate to America how to exist racially balanced yet he squanders his opportunity away in favor of appearing racist himself. This in itself causes a huge division which should never be there. We are all created equal and what we become after that is entirely up to us. It has nothing to do with color, race or nationality but a person’s actions and neither seem to grasp that concept. So racism is alive and well in America, just as it has been in the past, with Rev Al trying to flip it instead of balance it. I wish someone would step forward that loves and defends us all equally instead of just giving lip service about how impartial they are when it comes to all the races within our country.

          Some things not only boggle the mind but leave you dangling and choking on red tape. In some instances our own laws are used against the majority of the American populace. The now hot topic of the Mosque near Ground Zero has become insane. This is a classic case of someone taking your stick away and beating you with it – in this case the stick is our Constitution. Whereas I have a site on Facebook stating we do not WANT a Mosque near Ground Zero, I do not deny they have the right under the 1st Amendment to construct one. In addition, because the majority of Americans do not want the Mosque there, the shouts accusing us to be against all Muslims will be heard only in a few scattered posts. That’s ridiculous, not all Muslims are terrorist and not all terrorist are Muslims. Just because I am against the positioning of this Mosque, Sharia Law, Hamas, extremist and radicals doesn’t mean I am against Muslims. It means I am against violence against America, and as far as The Mosque- I am for respect for the lives we lost on 9/11. I am against the terrorist training camps within the U.S. and I am against Islamation of America. This Mosque isn’t a bridge to love and peace and instead will be the beginning of hatred and intolerance thanks to its backers. I personally don’t want it there – period. I have many articles published on my opinions concerning this.
               Our Glorious President, instead of trying to be wise and assisting in the mediation between the majority of Americans and the proposed Mosque leaders, made a dubious remark and split in a parody that would have made the Road Runner from the cartoons proud. Whereas we don’t expect him to walk on water, at least learning the backstroke and not abandoning the ship would have sufficed. November can’t come quickly enough as far as I am concerned. If the President is going to evade major issues and screw up those he does touch, it might be wiser if he extends those long and luxurious vacations until 2012.
               Yes, the long and the short of it is – nobody is taking advantage of opportunities that have been handed to them by the people of The United States of America. They have stepped into roles as “Public Advocates” and could squash the largest part of racism, mediate between opposing views and enforce the laws instead of picking and choosing like High School girls as to which crowd to belong. What a glorious country we have which so many brave and honorable men have sacrificed their lives to retain our freedoms, enforce our constitution and to better the American way of life. The honor bestowed upon the President and the people mentioned in the paragraphs above, is no less that awe-inspiring! Yet somehow, in my opinion, we have been served a County Fair corn dog in a 5 star restaurant and paid a high price for it.
                 I am aghast and disappointed that the powers in charge pick and choose between which law they will enforce, which race to back, which religion to support/restrict, which pork filled bills to pass against Americans wishes, and what part of the United States Constitution to uphold. Some are openly no brainers which have labels like “Illegal” on them and still nothing is done. That’s okay Mr. President, take your time … there are still plenty of Americans left to be victimized while you take a dip in the part of the Gulf of Mexico that WASN’T affected by the oil! (Yeah, people not living here might not have noticed where you chose to swim but the people in Pensacola, FL, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana sure did.)

• My big sister always told me to pay honor to the position of the United States Presidents Office… I think I need to send her to the White House to make President Obama do the same thing! Sorry Sissy! I honor the office, but to be fair – you have to make him do the same!

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