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Whilst the battle rages on in the debate over a Mosque being built near Ground Zero, the divergence from both sides are riddled with injections of misinformation, fabrication and deceptions. The stance from either side will not be legitimate until the protestors for both sides guide their clash to stay on topic, stay factual and present themselves in a dignified powerful presence. While such a matter is filled with passion, rage and the need to be victorious – all will fall far from the finish line unless they refrain from profanity, insults and deception.
As on my Facebook Page “I don’t want a Mosque built Near ground Zero”, many overzealous posters never adhere to the guidelines or rules which inflames those who do. They feel if they do not step up to the plate and defend their stance in the same manner, then the less savory poster wins the debate. This is not so.
The very title of that page says “I don’t WANT a mosque built NEAR Ground Zero”. While I acknowledge their 1st Amendment rights under the Constitution of The United States of America, I am stating I do not WANT one built there. Yet still, some jack wagon still impedes his stupidity on the page by posting they have the right to construct their Mosque at that location. They chant about freedom of religion and freedom of speech in attempt to stifle our first amendment rights to Freedom of speech, and our right to assemble in a common belief. The site then becomes littered with people hating Muslims, The president, shouting violence and obscenities. They debate the Quran, they scream conspiracy and yes – some come on to sow hatred at Americans.
Luckily I have Admins assigned to my site to help maintain the integrity of the page. I go through more Admins than I care to say. It is hard for them not to be provoked into an argument and ultimately go home kick the dog, yell at the mate or take it out on someone else. I had hopes the site would allow people to vent and ease their frustrations so we could come together and find a solution. How’s that working for me you say? *sighs*
The fact is, I am asking for respect not enforcing unconstitutional restrictions on their project. I am asking for consideration, not rejecting the freedom to practice their religion. I have several Muslims friends who are peaceful, loving and AGAINST this Mosque.
Do I have opinions on our President? Our Congress? The way our Country is ran? On the Rules of Engagement? On how our Military is treated? On Fair Trade? On Immigration? Should dogs & cats be allowed to marry? Is the tanning tax a racist tax? Do I have opinions? YES YES AND YES! Yet I stay on topic and I control my temper. One topic at a time. Maintain the direction and the topic if you want to win the battle.
I personally do sense the money for the Mosque is polluted. I envision some of the backers are criminals. I believe if this was truly a building that is supposed to build peace, love and forgiveness – that upon seeing such discord, hatred stirred, and emotional pain – these people would relocate . I find it odd Bloomberg has holdings in Dubai and yet go against majority to speak in favor of the Mosque. I have a lot of opinions on a variety of subjects yet I pray that our protestors can stay on subject so they can become a proficient, legitimate, educated panel that represents us admirably and victoriously.
I composed an answer for one of my admins who is a military family. Her two sons and husband are in different branches of the military with one son who is spec op. I believe I said it all in that letter and will post the statement made which demanded such a response.
• “xxx Jackson I don’t know if you served in the armed forces or not. I did. I saw combat. I had friends die. I was wounded. I saw action at Lybia and Desert Shield. We served to defend the U.S.A. and all it stands for. One of the things the U.S.A. stands for is the Constitution of the United States of America. The very First Amendment of the Constitution insures the right to freedom of religion. I am not Islamic. I do and will defend their right to worship how they please wherever they please with my very life. I dispise bigotry. If people like you had their way there would only be christians in the United States. Your request to join your cause is Un-American and equally as insensative to the Islamic faith as it is to all faiths. It is also disrespectful to every Vet who died for a real cause…not a “Facebook” cause. These men and women died for FREEDOM. Not just lip service freedom that grants liberty to people we agree with, but to those we don’t agree with. That is true freedom. So, I would ask that you don’t push your KKKlanish ways and that you mature. Respect those who served for your freedom to communicate such hateful things as this.
P.S. I think that no religious organization whatsoever should establish a building so close to a site that was destroyed due to religious differences so great to create such a mass murder.
xxx Jackson
RP3 USN Retired.

I don’t want a Mosque built near Ground ZERO! An RP3, which is a “Religious Programmer” Third Class, meaning you didn’t go very far rank wise and basically worked for a Navy Chaplin setting up services…While they do and are deployed into war zones for Religious reasons they are not in combat roles… Desert Shield never had a bullet thrown in it… As a matter of fact…it started on Jan 17, 1991 and ended on February 27, 1991 … The ground war lasted 100 hours. Regardless of time frame, we appreciate any service to our country and do not belittle that action.
Being a military family that includes, spec ops and diverse branches of the military and watched my sons deployed, I understand one fact. Just because you went to protect our country – doesn’t make your view infallible nor does it afford you rights to taunt insulting remarks because they do not pursue your beliefs. I, have as much right to voice my opinion as you.
As in your right to your beliefs, and their rights to theirs, we in addition have the right to believe as we do. As you stand-up to practice your rights to freedom of speech, so shall we, and in addition, we will practice the right to assemble in a common cause.
Had you beyond doubt been a minister, I believe you would not have been so swift to judge, call names or make accusations. Instead, you would have used reason and calmly stated your beliefs. In addition, a minister does not judge lest he be judged. You deeming the founder, admins and members as KKKlandish – you have judged and yourself profiled in our entirety into one insulting judgmental group. Freedom of speech does not equate to freedom to speak as YOU believe.
You said it all in your post beforehand “Not just lip service freedom that grants liberty to people we agree with, but to those we don’t agree with. That is true freedom.” Do you not practice what you preach? Is your practice a form of hypocrisy?
Had you, indeed, read the objectives and principles of this assembly, you would have made equations that 1) we don’t “want” a mosque did not assert their lack of right to – erect or establish. It was a statement asking for respect which as a minister you should comprehend.
2) On the front of the main page it states that not all Muslims are terrorists and there are many peaceful Muslims. That, in itself, eradicates any likelihood of racism, bigotry or calls to front any type of conception that they are all the same or lesser than any other human on this earth.
3) While you denounce anyone that brings their stance on a subject to Facebook on one side of your mouth with the other you make your stance on the identical outlet in which you slurred beforehand.

In closing, I would be remiss in not pointing out that numerous aspects of your statement doesn’t congeal, is conflicting in presentation, insulting to a specific group of people and their beliefs, and basically is hypocritical in nature. Whereas you pointedly refer to your self proclaimed service record as a pictogram of piety and righteous representation of the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution you become duplicitous when it is exercised by entity to which you disagree. Admin Two”