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As the days get closer to election and early voting has already begun – lets us remember it is intended that “We The People” elect representatives that speak for us – vote for us and protect what we want our Country to be and to do.
We are not mindless idiots who are incapable of knowing what is best for us nor are we small children who must be told what to do. We are Americans who have had many men and woman die so that we might have freedom. One of the freedoms is our right to vote and guide this country through the majority of its citizens expressing their wishes to their representatives and they, in turn, carry them out.
America, its citizens and our way of life is under attack. Although we have wars on other lands the attack I speak about is within our own country. It comes from many sources and not just one attack from a specific group.
It comes from illegal’s crossing our unsecure borders and into our country while attempting to claim four of our states as property of Mexico and draining our financial systems and job availability. They also come from Cuba and other countries  entering through our waterways as illegal’s while not being counted in our populace and working without paying taxes. It isn’t their race that angers the majority of Americans but the inability to safely monitor who and how many enter our country and the ability to choose who can meet the guidelines for citizenship. Our borders are open doorways for terrorists whose purpose is to harm and bring down our country and its people.
It comes from the religious freedoms of the majority being controlled, modified and limited while other religions are given more free reign and privileges when theirs have proven to show contempt against Americans and their laws. They have produced the very terrorist who have shown terrorism as in 9/11. They show a complete lack of respect for the majority of Americans – as in attempting to build the Mosque named after a Muslim victory at the hallowed Ground Zero.
It comes in the form of excessive spending of the people’s money and in running a charge account that could bankrupt us not only in this life but in the lives of our children and their children’s children. In addition, to knocking a leg out from us financially they play upon the kind heart of Americans and bank upon their inability to stand up voicing their opinion and they trust they believe whatever they are told. They count upon Americans to stay scared, silent and becoming lemmings that follow whichever direction they are told to follow. They are stealing America and running our red, white and blue blood out upon barren, unsustainable ground.
They send our Military to fight in other lands while making sure the odds are stacked against them with the Rules of Engagement. If they make it home alive they must still hold their breath because their life could be spent within the walls of a military prison known as Leavenworth such as Corey Clagett and The Leavenworth Ten. In an informal interview, one soldier in an airport told me, “I am not afraid to fight the enemy Ms. Rhia, it’s the one sending us over there that scare me. I don’t know how to fight that and they always have the upper hand with our life in its very palm.”
The very top of our problems is The United States Government and all its branches. The ones we elect to follow our directives, listen to our voices and represent us in all they do. As they are trying to take away the peoples right to vote – nationalpopularvote.com in an almost silent move, they are passing supposedly simple bills with 2500 pages of “fat” that no one knows what is within them yet they pass into LAW! How do you know that our rights to vote are not going to be among them? You and congress don’t- but OUR congress we put in will vote the bill in ANYWAY! Doesn’t that scare you? It should. Do you trust your congress to do as YOU want? Can you really be comfortable with someone who votes to pass a bill in which they have no idea what is in it? As I have written before, to my opinion – any elected official who does not follow their campaign promises commits FRAUD and should be prosecuted more harshly than the car dealer that misrepresented a car he sold you!
The people we have put into office have not enforced federal laws and have picked and chose which laws they want to enforce as in the enforcement of our borders and our ability to control citizenship within our country! They not only choose not to follow laws but will sue any state trying to protect its citizens by enforcing them. Arizona is an example.
The people we elected say whatever we want to hear, move into office while using their position to better their personal financial standing and collect power for their betterment. They lie smoothly, consistently and bargain with our freedom. Whenever one of the elected stands up for the people and the betterment of our country – they are penalized and demoralized through the power of media. Majority wins and that is why it is so important that the majority enter our government that has a sense of obligation to follow the people’s voice for THE PEOPLE are AMERICA.
Our election is within days … it is not only important to get out of your chairs and vote but to research the candidates, their histories and their directives before voting to ensure they represent what you stand for and want in America.
I am not republican or democrat and neither title are capitalized on purpose. I am for what I believe in and refuse to have a label assigned to my beliefs. I am not a lemming that follows any group brainlessly or become enraged because of a certain race, political or non-violent religious practices. It is not the person that I object to but the actions OF that person I either support or stand against. I am an AMERICAN and for THAT title I am proud. I stand at The Pledge of Allegiance, I salute our flag and I darn well remove a cap and put my hand over my heart when in her presence! I disrespect anyone who doesn’t.
In regards to our politicians, people allowing the mosque near Ground Zero and illegal’s trying to claim four of our states – I quote myself – What they perceive as one of their largest victories is indeed their major defeat. They have awakened a Lion that will oust out politicians who do not represent what we want on Election Day. We will overcome. We are Americans. We will stand together to fight for our country & our right to have our wishes followed. Rhiannon Waits 8/4/2010  Research, vote and make darn sure the person you voted in follows our constitution, our laws and follow their campaign promises. Hold government responsible for any and all crimes they as a whole or as a person commit. If not, as they say – YOU are part of the problem instead of part of the solution.
BE AMERICAN – BE BRAVE –BE PROUD-BE PROACTIVE! We should always remain The land of the Free and the home of the BRAVE.