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As everyone knows, I am at Camp LeJeune, North Carolina. It seems that the area outside the camp doesn’t speak Verizon so my communications with Family & friends have been very limited. What calls are made are broken and at best chopped.
As everyone that knows me – knows – I have had a Talk Show for four years. I am the loud mouth that spouts her opinions on politics and the same time gives inspirational messages for a person’s daily life. I have had no problems personally with Blog Talk Radio beyond its glitches, inability to allow people to hear & chat half the time. That mostly started occurring lately to those who did not op in to their payment plans.
I had been prime time for those four years and it wasn’t until I went to straight military in March of this year that my troubles really started becoming serious. It seemed that my ability to log in to my host account at times was impossible. My guests complained that logging into my chat WAS impossible. I would type in my new show info repeatedly only to have it disappear & I would have to rewrite it time and again. Other annoying glitches were building as when I tried to put an author’s book on my show page – it would not show up 99% of the time. I was beginning to think they didn’t like my political views or my subjects on the Rules of Engagement, Fallen Heroes or wrongly imprisoned Leavenworth ten.
I had deleted two shows from my line up because of my inability to broadcast from outside Camp LeJeune. I wrote a nice e-mail informing them of such and explained that I followed the rules and deleted them from schedule. Last night I lined up an archive to play in place of a live broadcast which many hosts do for as long as a month at a time. In fact, another host had given the suggestion and I thought it was awesome of him to share such an excellent Idea.
I lined up one of my favorite archives to play for my show last night – SEAL of Honor – Operation Red Wings. The Show featured author Gary Williams, Dan Murphy & Maureen Murphy – parents of Medal of Honor Recipient Michael Murphy. A show that touched my heart so deeply that during the show I had to have the Author, Mr. Williams, ask the parents a few questions as I choked back tears in an attempt not to sob on air. I would gain control and continue onward as the parents told many wonderful stories of Michael as a child and growing up. It showcased what an exceptional young man he was from infancy to that fateful day of Operation Redwings. What a touching and enlightening show to play to my listening audience that have missed it before or wanted to hear once again.
This morning I received an email from Blog Talk that not only misstated the facts but showed me how much respect they have not only myself who has been with them from their beginning, but to the ability to share with others the stories of our soldiers.
They stated “Unfortunately, because you have missed four scheduled prime time shows in a row, you have lost the privilege to schedule during our prime time hours.” Unfortunately Blog Talk – I missed last week & this week was set up to play an archive.
“We have also canceled all of your upcoming scheduled shows during the Prime Time hours.” Yes that is fact since my Schedule through the year has been wiped clean. My opening to Focus on Danny Dietz & Matt Axelson was void of all mention. My openings for every fallen member of Operation Redwings & My interviews on the Leavenworth Ten .. gone.
“If you wish to broadcast during Prime Time hours, you will need to upgrade your account to Premium. To upgrade, you will need to go to MyBlogtalkradio, My Account and then Upgrade My Account, or simply click this link while logged into your account: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/premium.aspx” Ahhhh ! Now are we getting to the crux of it? Could it be that they took a leap to try to make me pay to air such? I mean I know that they have offered better service to those who wish to pay. As more glitches cropped up into the free shows they pushed their “Premium” services even more! I had turned down other network offers in the past to stay with Blog Talk … aren’t they sweet to repay my loyalty? Strong arming me to pay! Oh Blog Talk … I hang out with Navy SEALs, Spec Op’s from all branches, Marines, Air Force …. I am use to seeing “Strong Arms” …. and this is classified as a shake down. Let’s see….. I am to give you my lunch money or you will bully me! I get it!
” In the future, to cancel an upcoming show you will not be available for, you will simply login, go to MyBlogtalkradio, My Account, Add/Edit Episode and then go to Upcoming. There you can delete the segment or you can edit the segment to change the time to a more suitable time slot.” AND that is how I did it …. Except for one Archive that was to have played last night ….
Who is Blog Talk Anyway? All I have really found is: After setting up a blog to update his family on his ailing father, Alan Levy, a former accountant and telecommunications executive, launched the service in August, 2006, as a way to allow bloggers to communicate directly with their audiences in real time.
That was Wikipedia though and even they have a note that says it is a commercial instead of a history.
The voice on the line definitely sounds British & at one point in its humble beginnings I believe we were told it was a British Company. I could be wrong on that one but somewhere in my memory of 4 years ago – I am pretty sure I was told that.
I know one thing for sure … I won’t be the victim of a shake down … I may go to another time but I no longer have loyalties to Blogtalk. Let another network court me from now on and you all will be throwing rice at me as the network and I rush down the aisle together.