My Suggestions on Illegal Immigrants

1) All people in the United States that are not legal should be deported.
2) No, government benefits, food stamps, drivers License ect; should be issued to a person who cannot prove they are here legally.
3) Any baby born in America to an illegal should not become an anchor baby but instead the parents can choose to give it up for adoption or take it back to their country with them with dual citizenship.
4) Any company or person hiring illegals should be fined $10,000.00 per illegal and if this violation reoccurs within the next 30 days it should be double. The fine should be put into a fund to be dispersed for the expense of deportation & to cushion the blow to schools & hospitals that have been crushed financially because of their presence.
5) Part of the process of deportation should be finger printing and anyone committing the same offense should be put in jail for 90 days where they work for the expense of their upkeep & then deported again. Each offense doubles the time in jail.
6) Borders should be strictly enforced and anyone caught bringing drugs into the US should be placed in solitary confinement for not less than one year.
7) If the country that the illegal comes from is in financial distressed – then we can arrange care packages to be dropped or delivered to assist their people.
8) Anyone marrying an illegal has the choice to go with their mate during deportation but their marriage will not hold the illegal within our country.
9) Anyone caught in America illegally must wait one year before applying for citizenship & upon the one year anniversary of their deportation – the criminal may then apply for citizenship after paying a $5000.00 dollar fine.
10) If anyone wants to sponsor an illegal with their own money and not the taxpayers – then they should have the right to sponsor this person(s) by placing a surety bond for $20,000.00 per person which can be released after five (5) years during which time they are responsible for any damages or crimes the immigrant enacts during their five year stay. During the 5 years the immigrants cannot draw any public welfare or aid from the government, churches or any other assistant of any form. The sponsor will be totally responsible for this.
[a] After five years of being sponsored by a legal citizen, the immigrant can apply for citizenship after they have completed 1 year of American history and can speak English. If they commit any crimes they shall be deported immediately and the sponsor will forfeit the $10,000.00 and will be responsible for any overages. This keeps the America Tax payer from supporting anyone they do not wish to support. If the immigrant completes his five years in good standing he shall not have to pay any fees for his/her applicant for citizenship. Any children born during this time shall not become citizens until their parents do.

11) Any sponsor not meeting their obligations shall have their assets frozen and held until which time they meet their obligations.
12) The first five years of citizenship shall be on a trial basis and should the new citizen commit any felonies or acts against their allegiance to the United States of America- shall be subject to a citizenship review and possible deportation.

This would be my solution to the problem of illegal immigrants within our country. Anyone who becomes a citizen in the correct way will be embraced. I have friends that have waited long, spend a lot and went through all the proper channels to come here. America is a better place with them in our country.