Everyone knows I am a loud activist. I don’t believe pretending the elephant isn’t in the room will make him disappear. I won’t turn my head and pretend there isn’t a problem. I have been an optimist and a motivational speaker for years. However, as I have stated numerous times, being an optimist and motivational speaker doesn’t contradict my ability to see problems and address them.
I started writing a book last year by the name of “How to Save America for dummies & politicians”. (However I haven’t completed it yet ) Spotting problems & finding solutions was a simple act of common sense yet what surprised me was the number of people with their head in the sand! Here’s a tip, there is oil on our beaches – pull your head out of the sand or you will be covered in oil. That’s right; you have no choice but look around now. Pretending there is not a problem will not make it go away. Instead it empowers those who wish to take over our country & our way of life.
In essence, by pretending there is not a problem or saying there is nothing you can do about it – is surrendering our country to the will of those that are strong enough to speak up and initiate their objectives. Remember not all change is good … change can be bad and this is what you need to focus on. Don’t accept “Change” on that word alone. See what the change is before you back it. Researching the topics will net you a wealth of information and yet I caution you to make your information well founded and not just the opinions of others. Going solely upon the word of any journalist (including myself) could lead you into the dismal world of fiction.
Many of my fans are considered to be New Age and are the sect that believes that we can simply make things harmonious by simply loving one another. After seeing how I stand up for my military, country and the laws that have served us for centuries – a few drop out of sight. I am not offended they choose to forgo my beliefs or myself because this is AMERICA and they have soldiers who have fought for their rights and big mouths like myself who don’t stick their heads in the sand which have afforded them that luxury. I find offense in the way they ignore problems or feel a little Reiki or mass meditation will make the boogie men go away. That isn’t happening and Reiki nor is meditation intended for these tasks.
Although I do not identify myself as Republican or Democrat, I am a conservative and proud of it. I do not condone ILLEGAL immigrants into our country, I do support Arizona law, I do not believe the Oil Spill is being handled correctly, I don’t believe we should support anchor babies and instead send them back with their parents with dual citizenship, and I don’t believe our administration should be turning their backs on the soldiers they sent to risk their lives in war. I believe in less restrictive Rules of Engagement – ROE- , I believe in less government and more laws governed by each state (If you don’t like it – leave it). I think speaking guardedly so you are politically correct is asinine (get a thick skin & quit being such a pansy) and I feel a Mosque that close to Ground Zero is unconscionable. I think cutting the pork in congress by cutting back on their numbers is a wonderful way to save billions. The list goes on with me and all you have to do is ask me and I would be proud to tell you.
Its time American …. It’s time to step up & speak up. Join groups that back your beliefs, speak it to your family, friends and all who will listen. Its time to research your candidates past actions instead of just listening to what comes out of their mouths. I know this will shock you – but they LIE. They no longer enforce what the people want but instead what they want.
We do not have any time left to dally around, hide our heads or shoot mystical powers from our fingertips to change the world. We must do as our forefathers did and that is roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty.
God Bless America and our soldiers! I will not fail at having your back!