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The sugar white beaches, the beautiful water & a city, whose economy is dependent upon the Gulf, has been attacked by the negligence of an Oil Company. In a disaster that pales in comparison to the horrendous Valdez spill in Alaska, the citizens of this city can do nothing but wait for clean up, pray for solutions and watch in fear as their life is stained by oil & dispersants coming from the very water that enriched their being before.
Life in Pensacola at one time offered fresh seafood, healthy Gulf air & breath-taking beauty. Fisherman & shrimpers went out daily to earn their living with scrumptious fresh seafood. Family & friends from other states & Countries come to visit & share in its amenities. Vacationers turned into to residents after experiencing what Pensacola had to offer. How could one not fall in love with our way of life?
All we can do is wait. Wait as the massive plumes of oil head towards us. We watch in horror as our Gulf Coast neighbors are hit one by one from Louisiana to our once pristine shores. We take it upon ourselves to clean up tar balls on the beaches & oil that washes in at random times. We wait for the smell & the sickness that will soon ensue due to the bio-hazard. The ones that are lackaday in doing their jobs wear Hazmat suits.
Kevin Costner has the only solution that seems feasible and yet we do not understand why the Government is not backing him and assisting his project. Our city is more than just a play ground – we offer much to our country.
This is our life, our people, our city and should be OUR call. Assist Kevin Costner with his project. Check out the Oil Platform Atlantis that was built the same time & by the same people as Horizon. Stop the flow of oil by accepting assistants from experts from other countries. Take over sealing the well instead of leaving it in the hands of incompetents like BP.
By the way BP, nice move adding you would protect our walruses in case of an incident. WE DON’T HAVE WALRUSES YOU IDIOTS! We have dolphins of many species, brown pelicans, sea turtles, Tilapia, grouper and too many more to mention. It shows you could care less about the effects of your actions. The identical wording shows you never did care but instead stole from someone else’s writing.
Feigning interest after this much time may impress those who are not Gulf Coast residents but it doesn’t us. It takes actions to impress us. Words are cheap yet action speaks mister President.
Join us in asking for action instead of words. Join us as we ask that all avenues be attempted before its too late.

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