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Today’s Blog is something that has totally upset me! I can’t get past it and I also believe I shouldn’t get past it. That’s part of the problem – too many people DO get past it or shove it out of their minds instead of speaking up.
In an early morning conversation with a friend of mine, whose hometown is New York City, she asked me if I had read that there is a 15 story Mosque going up two blocks from Ground Zero. There was a short silence and then I said , “What?” She replied in a tone of voice I knew to be one of hurt, anger, disappointment and shock. “Read MSNBC online because they have an article about a 13 story Mosque being built two blocks from where The World Trade Center use to stand!” I thought surely she had to of misread it or found a spot that sports conspiracy theories – yet she said MSNBC!
I quickly scanned the site until I found the article to which she was referring. It was true! Being a professional researcher, I couldn’t let this go and instead had to research and read. What I found was so disturbing to me that I formed a Facebook Group to protest it. Sure there were other groups but the ones I checked out offered information & unfounded rumors without giving a link or a source for their statements. I want a site that gave links to back up statements. I wanted to keep my integrity intact and offer links from the left, right and all areas in between. Hence, the fan group “I don’t want a Mosque built near Ground ZERO!” was conceived & born.
Of course, after initially posting a link to the MSNBC article I was smacked with the profiling, race card accusatory remarks. Yet anyone reading my posts knows that doesn’t get the effect they want. I don’t shut up. I listen to everyone’s opinions and our military fight with their lives every day to ensure their right to do so. Sadly, they don’t consider the military or they wouldn’t want them to come after risking their lives in a war over 9/11 to find a Mosque next to where so many lost their lives.
For those of you who do not understand what ROE is (Rules Of Engagement) – our military is not allowed to enter or fire upon a Mosque for any reason. The terrorist are allowed in Mosques and shoot upon our soldiers from them. Like sitting ducks, they attempt to take cover while many of their fellow soldiers die from it. Those that can return home to us, many have flash backs, PTSD and nightmares from these experiences. Imagine being them returning home & seeing this next to Ground Zero. HOW DISRESPECTFUL.
No, not all Muslims are extremist or terrorist. Most children know this so to argue with this point flaying helplessly around your lips will not really make an intelligent earmark on this or any other blog. The true AMERICAN Muslims will understand and would never suggest such. They will be ones standing up against the terrorist and extremist that use their religion is a scapegoat to injure & inflame others. They will be the ones that understand that such an act would only cause more racism and hatred. They are the intelligent ones.
Here is a few questions for you to research and answer. 1) Will this Mosque be immune from Law Enforcement and Government branches entering to seek out terrorists, sleepers or criminals? 2) Will this be a sanctuary for those suspected of acts against our country to hide, seek refuge & prosecution? 3) What is the background of the man,Faisal Abdul Rauf, who is behind this Mosque?
Of course you know by tomorrow I will have more information for you. As for today – a glass of wine & a swim in the pool will probably be the best thing for me. Please consider the reasons I object to this below. They are just first out of my mind & mouth but there will be more to come. I encourage you to join our page on Facebook & help our voices grow until we become a mighty roar that cannot be ignored.
HUGS~ Rhia

1) This is disrespectful to the families of the victims of 9/11. Although not all Muslims are terrorists it would seem they would have respect for the victims’ families.
2) If a pedophile drove an ice cream truck & had killed many children in the area … would you allow your children to go to the ice cream truck? Not all Ice Cream truck drivers are pedophiles … so why would you stop your children? Not all Muslims are terrorist yet …
3) We have our military risking their lives every day in a war started because of the attacks on us on 9/11. Mosques are used against them in The Rules Of Engagement. Terrorist occupy Mosques to shoot upon & kill our soldiers but our soldiers are not allowed to fire back on a Mosque. What a slap in the face to our Military to see a 13 story Mosque built within 2 blocks of the WTC! What kind of horror or flash backs will that incur upon them?
4) Such disrespect will only cause anger and prejudice against all Muslims without regard to the peaceful American ones. It will sow seeds of discord between Americans and against Muslims as a whole.
5) Mosques are safe havens for terrorists no matter if in another country are within the states. Do you really want to leave NYC open to this type of possibility? Isn’t forethought better than hindsight?

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