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            Yesterday my blog was about people in America illegally. I concentrated on the strain it puts on America, how the laws are being broken and how it compromises the security of our country and all in it. After an email that didn’t approve of my opinion and called me a heartless, selfish racist – I decided to write this blog.

            It was through this blog, & some comments to it, I made a few startling discoveries and found my beliefs reinforced. In an email I received, they described me as a heartless, selfish racist who only promoted Caucasians. I was shocked, then angered and then enlightened.

            This blog is for you, the true racists, bigots and scam artists. First of all, American’s problem is Illegal Immigrants. I never mentioned race, nationality, sexual preference, religion or gender. The people who are illegal immigrants are from many nationalities… like the Presidents aunt until she was granted amnesty the other day. She was from Africa. You were the one that mentioned nationality and pointed in a direction. I was pointing to a problem from peoples actions in breaking our countries laws, costing the tax payers money, compromising our security and bring other hardships on our country.

            YOU pulled the race card my friend, like so many have before you. You did it in hopes you would intimidate me and I would be quiet for fear of offending someone. I didn’t point to anyone- you did. I am not a bigot, nor a racist, I am not selfish nor am I heartless. Anyone with any knowledge of who I am or what I have stood for all my life would see that you are the ill informed radical.

            I asked that no one ride on the backs of our ancestors by using the African Americans or women’s fight for equal rights. I explained they were already legal citizens of our country when they asked for equal rights and eventually received them. Illegal Immigrants are not citizens and can NOT demand equal rights of a citizen. Yet, you posted a comment using it anyway. It really didn’t surprise me. I expected no better just because I have seen the track record of people who do this.

            I am not heartless. I care about all people but that doesn’t mean I have to approve of their crimes and assist them in doing them. I love my country as well and I see them being taken advantage of, doing without health care because the rates increased due to those free medical visit the illegals are receiving. I love our children who are being made to sit in overcrowded classrooms and made to become bi-lingual because others can’t accept our native language. I have stood up for people, embraced them and encouraged them to remain positive and do their best. I have done it for years To ALL the people of the world not just Caucasians. I consider you heartless because you refuse to see the problem since you let what you want get in the way of the truth. You are selfish because you can’t embrace all people.

            For too many years people have pulled the race card out as if it was a trump card in a game. People get scared, shut their mouth in fear of offending someone. Well it doesn’t work for me. I may disagree with a person with another skin color on a topic – it doesn’t mean I did it because of their skin color. It simply means I disagree with what they say. How hard is that to understand? I pointed to a problem and you pointed to a race. Who is the racist?

            I encourage all races to be proud of their heritage and that includes white or Caucasians as well. We should all be able to celebrate & learn about our heritage without calling each other the names that flow so freely from your email. However, Americans should embrace the unity of our country first and foremost. We need to celebrate being Americans first.

            I have a very dear friend that was just approved to come to America. He has been on a list, waited a long time, paid over 6000.00, follow the rules and he finally got his approval. America will be a brighter and better place with him in it! You and your illegal immigrants dishonor him by trying to side step our country’s rules. You attempt to cut in front of this fine man who honors us by honoring our process! You call us heartless, self serving radicals but is you which deserves that title!

            America doesn’t want to become the country you left! We want to maintain being the country you want to come to! We don’t want to adapt to your life style and customs! This is America and not another country. If you liked the country you left and how it was run – you would never have wanted to move here.

            In closing, we The Legal Citizens of The United States of America are loving kind hearted people. We will help those in trouble, send aid to countries devastated and reach out to all nationalities to assist all we can. However, DO NOT ask us to give up our country to people who break our laws, drain our resources and attempt to shame us because we will not hand our country over to them.

            Listen very carefully ….. All nationalities are welcome to follow our process for legalization into AMERICA. Those who stole into our country and demand the rights of an America citizen are asked to leave immediately – go back to your native country and apply for citizenship in the legal process to become a citizen and THEN and only THEN will you be entitled to our rights! Only THEN will you be welcome in our country. You will THEN shown the honor, integrity and desire to be one of us.

Racist:1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
2 : racial prejudice or discrimination

Bigot: a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance