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Arizona took a bold and courageous step a few weeks ago. What a valiant and intelligent state! They have no problem understanding what the word “Illegal” means. It makes me want to send my sons there to attend college!
I personally feel every state should enforce this law because it is evident that the Federal Government isn’t going to lift a finger until our country is bled dry. Common sense says when you are in boat you do not overload it until it sinks. Let’s face the facts folks, America is sinking financially and we have to plug the holes & not overload it until we get it repaired.
If you lease a house there is a limit to the amount of people that can live in it and everyone is mandated to be listed and approved on the lease before they are allowed to occupy it. The law does not allow anyone to ignore this for any reason. You will be immediately evicted. We have the same laws with our country. You apply, be approved, given legal papers and if you do not you will be evicted from our country. Or, at least that is the way it is suppose to be done.
If you enter any country without their permission then you are there ILLEGALLY. There are LEGAL ways to enter a country. When you apply for citizenship, you are given the requirements, the procedure, and the paperwork required to become a citizen. You have to truly want to become a citizen. When you become LEGAL you have acquired the rights of a U.S. citizen. You can obtain a social security number and a driver’s license which all citizen normally keep with them at all times. If you drive without your license on you, you will either be arrested or given a ticket depending on the infraction.
Law Enforcement can request your identification at any time. If they are looking for someone who has brown hair and 5’7” tall; you may be stopped and required to show identification. This is not profiling, but does meet the criteria for probable cause to question you. If a white male kidnapped someone and a person meets the description, it is not profiling to look for a white male. If you are in a border state and people from the other side of the border are entering illegally and obtaining services intended for American citizens then if they fit the description there is probable cause to ask for identification. Once again, American citizens carry one or more forms of identification with them at all times and can be asked to show this by a law enforcement officer.
The word profiling has been made to sound like such a dirty word and vicious act yet if it wasn’t for law enforcement making a profile of their subject a black man could be arrested for a white man’s crime. To be efficient, a law enforcement officer has to make a profile of a criminal in order to know who to look for. They take the information and description of a suspect and make a profile so they will not be questioning everyone regardless of appearance. If you want to stop profiling, then you cannot take a description of a criminal and everyone will be stopped and questioned regardless of the criminal’s description. A criminal psychologist cannot be called in to profile a serial killer because that would be “profiling.”
If you are a legal citizen, you will not worry about being stopped and asked for identification. When you come up on a road block, where ID & insurance is being checked, you won’t think anything about it. If you are illegal in any way – citizen or not- then you will worry but you won’t scream profiling.
Some of our most successful citizen came to America through our legal requirements of citizenship. Americans are not only those born here but those who desired to become a citizen and respected our laws by following the steps to legalization. We have embraced them and they became “WE” The People of the United States of America. We have many people waiting to become one of us, many who are going through the process and many who have already completed it.
As citizens, we do not tolerate people cutting line in front of others waiting. We expect them to wait their turn as everyone else did. The line might be long and moving slow, but we do not allow others at the back of the line to just walk up and cut in to the front of line.
To become legal to practice medicine, you have many years of educations and residency before you obtain your license. If you try to skip a step in this chain, you are not allowed to practice medicine. Do you approve of a M.D. skipping medical school and just start seeing patients? Would you go to him? Do you approve of him skipping a step in this legal requirement?
If someone from another country comes into ours without going through the steps of becoming an American they will try to validate their act. They will not want to be asked for identification like our citizens are. They will be cutting line in front of the respectable people who are going through the legal steps to become a respected citizen. They will try to make it unlawful to be asked if they are here legally by screaming they have been profiled. They will act like unruly children and throw a mad fit and demand rights as if they were legal. They will try to make you think YOU are the one the wrong by playing on emotions and twisting the truth. Many criminals have wonderful personalities – but they still broke the law. They don’t get a free pass because of personality. Most criminals will go to any length to keep from being caught.
Knowing who is in our country is paramount to our safety. People waltzing in and out of our country without legal papers and without our law enforcement having the ability to stop them is a national security threat. If our Border Patrol or Law Enforcement cannot stop and ask for identification, without being accused of profiling, then someone who has malicious intent can harm us. They could blow up a target where you or your loved ones are working, vacationing or attending school. We have laws for reason. We must maintain them to keep our country safe.
Every state is feeling the draw on their resources but none are as severe as our border states. People come across illegally and demand medical treatment without paying. Medical treatment, testing and use of the facilities cost the hospital and they have no choice but to raise their prices so people that do pay or have insurance covers the costs of the medicine & expense the illegal people are using. This causes insurance rates to go up because the medical care rates have increased. When insurance rates go up, many hard working legal Americans cannot afford to pay it and they and their children do without medical care.
Schools become overburdened with a huge number of students. Classes become crowded and the quality of education goes down because teachers not only have more students but must become bi-lingual to be able to teach the illegal’s who have crossed the border. Because an illegal does not pay taxes, they do not contribute towards the expense of their child’s education and your taxes increase while your school is still in a financial catastrophe.
While an influx of undocumented workers hit our job market, they fill many positions that legal Americans could have filled. Many people say they only do work that lazy Americans won’t. I find that an insult not only to those unemployed but my teenagers and their friends who go out daily begging for jobs, offering to mow yards or wash cars. Many times, when they walked house to house to ask to mow yards, they are met by people who are undocumented mowing yards. How do I know they are undocumented? They were in court the week before for driving without a license, admitting they were here illegally and having their case dismissed because of it. These 18 & 19 year olds walking trying to earn money to pay their car insurance by mowing yards were not needed because a person here illegally was doing the job. They can’t have their license pulled for not having insurance on their vehicle because they don’t have a license & won’t be punished for it. Don’t tell me they only do jobs lazy Americans won’t or that they are not affecting the job market.
Arizona seems to be the only state that has the courage to step up to the plate and try to cure the problem. They honor their new citizens by not allowing the illegal’s’ to belittle the process they went through to be an honorable member of our country and their state. They are courageous enough to protect their citizens and their state. I admire Arizona. They not only recognized their state was being bleed out – they took measures to stop it. They haven’t turned their head and pretended there wasn’t a problem. They took it on.
Then of course you have states and cities such as Los Angeles, California (who is bankrupt and begging for our help) and Seattle, Washington who has declared a civil war against the state of Arizona. They have called for people to boycott the state and its products because it will not bow down to their dictating how they should run their state. These two cities are demanding people hurt this state, its adults, it’s children and elderly by not visiting it or buying its products. It is calling for the financial ruin of Arizona unless it changes its laws to their approval. That sounds a lot like * terroristic threatening to me. Some define it as the intent to harm another unless their directives are followed. You can look at the definitions of many keywords below. Funny how they use a word like profiling so easily but can’t see their terroristic threat in their own behavior.
I have to admit, I find myself withdrawing from L.A. and Seattle because they are trying to strong arm another state into following their demands. It isn’t like they are the most successful cities in our countries. Los Angeles is bleeding out and begging for help while demanding another state follows their unsuccessful policies.
In closing, I have to wonder how many people will refrain from purchasing things from California and Washington because of their boycotting Arizona. I can pretty much predict that all of the illegals from Arizona & others states will rush to their fair cities to enjoy their amenities. It does seem to make sense to go where you are wanted and welcomed. Yet are they doing their own citizens a favor? Are they truly serving their best interests?
Just because you are against someone becoming a criminal by committing the illegal act of entering your country without going through proper procedures doesn’t mean we don’t welcome new legal citizens. We welcome them with arms wide open.


Terroristic threatening:
A terroristic threat is a crime generally involving a threat to commit violence communicated with the intent to terrorize another, to cause evacuation of a building, or to cause serious public inconvenience, in reckless disregard of the risk of causing such terror or inconvenience. It may mean an offense against property or involving danger to another person that may include but is not limited to recklessly endangering another person, harassment, stalking, ethnic intimidation, and criminal mischief.

1.the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes.
2.the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
3.a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

recording a person’s behavior and analyzing psychological characteristics in order to predict or assess their ability in a certain sphere or to identify a particular group of people)
A law enforcement investigative technique that develops a behavioral pattern of an offender who has not yet been caught.
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