Rules Of Engagement
am asking that all Americans please go to this page and answer ONE question. As a whole, we are a country but we must have individual opinions in order for it to be a democracy. We must know answers in order to find solutions that will lead our country into a majority led direction.

Many Americans have a lack of knowledge of how wars were won many years ago. Now because of media slanting reports – many want to tie the hands of our soldiers in send them out among murderous terrorist who do not have ROE.
We are setting rules for our military that we would not tolerate in our boxing arenas. We would not tolerate a boxing match in an American Sports Arena that sent in two boxers with one not having a set of rules and the other one strict rule. It would be worse than the Roman Arenas.
However with at being said, I urge all Americans to read the Rules Of Engagement (ROE) and decide if they would send their family in to combat with the ways it is or if they would change it.

1)Would you send a Boxer in the ring with one hand tied behind his back & a set of strict rules for him and none for his opponent?
2) Would you send in a Basketball Player in to follows rules & allow the opposing team to do anything with no rules?
3) Would you send a Nascar Driver in to race with the instructions to drive by Nascar Rules when the other cars followed Demolition Derby Rules?
4) Would you send a Football Player in to play on a field when he has to stay within NFL Rules & the other team could never get a foul?
Now answer me … would you send in your family, friends, loved ones into a War Zone where beheadings, killings & torture are directives from enemies & terrorist? Where they had NO rules of Engagement – Are not signers of The Geneva Convention?
That is what we are doing EVERY SINGLE DAY. We complain about lives being lost in war & yet we send them in with ROE. Then if they try to defend themselves they can faces charges when they return home. If they do not follow ROE then, depending upon which government branch decides to make a name for themselves for whatever reason, they could face imprisonment.
We send out troops out to defend us and other countries and in return we must become informed, pro-active, and watch their backs. Read about ROE, become informed, form an opinion and SPEAK UP. Today you can take the first step to becoming a responsible citizen. Read over the Liberty Institute’s web site, Help support the US Navy SEALs Who captured the terrorist allegedly responsible for the murder, burning & mutilation of 4 American citizens in Fallujah in 2004.