It had already been a long morning in my home when I begin putting together all the puzzle pieces to a picture I begin to find incomprehensible. I began doing research on a certain reporter in hopes of finding what made her tick. I had spent the last two days researching her writing, reports and background. I felt I had to find out why such a well known reporter would deliver such a slanted article on the trials of the SEAL3 to which two had been exonerated and one left to trial on May 3rd.
I kept trying to keep myself in check as the findings kept linking together in what I deemed an unsavory manner. I didn’t want to become the type of biased judgmental reporter that I had found in her. I kept whispering to her, “Come Lara! Prove me wrong here! Show me your good side hun!” As if she could hear my words and change her direction.
As I researched her articles both past and present I stumbled upon some very interesting facts. I will leave you with a partial list of my findings, hope you do your own research and draw your own conclusions without my pointing you in any direction. Consider it an Easter egg hunt where you could find the golden egg in the left or the right.
1) Mrs. Lara Jakes Jordan is a Pentagon Reporter at The Associated Press. National security staff reporter covering military, counterterrorism and intelligence issues at the Pentagon starting in January 2009; formerly covered the Justice Department and the Homeland Security Department, including FEMA during Hurricane Katrina, and worked as a Pennsylvania regional reporter in Washington.
2) Washington Correspondent
3) Her writings are not only carried by the US Military Paper but The Muslim Observer as well. Her articles seem to be, at my first glance, favored in websites & blogs that causes Muslim indignation at America, its citizens, and the US Military. (My personal feelings are that this causes more danger to our military by negatively stirring an already hot bed of anti American indignation & attacks.)
4) She has been guilty of leaving names out of reports in favor of the Democratic Party image and received quite a few black eyes by fellow journalist for using her career position to further her own beliefs.
5) She is the wife of Jim Jordan who among other points of interest was the Campaign Manager of John Kerry and the boss of Robert Gibbs at that time. They developed a friendship that purportedly they maintain today.
6) Robert Gibbs Current Position: White House Press Secretary (since January 2009) under the Obama Administration. In fact, he is so close to Obama that he is informally known as the “Barack Whisperer.”
Lara Jakes is a Pentagon Reporter at The Associated Press
Current City: Baghdad, Iraq
Hometown: Washington, District of Columbia
Info Article:
7) Pentagon Reporter .The Associated Press
8 ) The Muslim Observer
If you are interested in a journey of connect the dots, clear your mind of assumption that you have now. Release your mind of any party affiliation and simply allow yourself the window seat on the train of enlightenment.
Here is where I leave you with one of my sayings “ It is what it is and was what it was but what it becomes is entirely up to you.”
Do not judge yet instead learn.
Do not assume yet be factual.
Do not turn your head away yet instead face the truth.
And lastly ….
Do not walk away from the problem but instead fix it.
I am still researching and hope to find some gleam of light in what appears to be a vast dark Hole.

The previous info was supplied through online research by myself and intended for public use to legitimatelyresearch persons associated with certain articles written on the three US Navy SEALs whose 2 trials have been targeted by one reporter. The information supplied should not be used to harass, threaten or abuse any individual. Please use this information to civilly lodge complaints or opinions. While being in times of slanted reporting we as citizens must use our resources in an honorable way. This disclaimer absolves Rhiannon Waits, this page, all admins, or officers of this page from any liabilities from said contact information being used in an illegal or unbecoming manner.