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I haven’t posted much lately because I have took up a cause and been very busy trying to help. So this morning, I arose, took a deep breath and decided I would post a blog to all of you in my usual positive way. I sat in front of my laptop looking at the blank page wondering what I could say when my mind is so preoccupied with the events that are unfolding within our country. I knew I couldn’t get passed this so I decided it would be my topic for the day.

I am in a positive mind frame yet I have taken up a cause that I feel all Americas should. Being a motivational speaker doesn’t mean I have to turn my head to the injustices of the world nor does it mean I have to set idly by and watch as my country implodes. As I always say, I am open minded just not enough to allow my brains to fall out.

Many people turn their heads away from this type of news or article because they do not want the “negative energy” to influence their day. I ask you – how great would your day be if our soldiers didn’t give you the freedom to have one?  If someone mugged you and someone came to your rescue – would your turn and walk away while your rescuer is being beaten? I hope you would return the favor by helping them. 

 On March 31, 2004, Four AMERICANS were in Iraq on a mission of charitable aid, by delivering cooking equipment and food items, when they were ambushed. The sight of four human beings being shot, burned, mutilated, drug through the streets and hung from a bridge in Fallujah is burned into my memory. Small Children ran beside the bodies, as they were being dragged, hitting and helping mutilate them. All major media outlets ran the video the terrorist themselves had made of this unspeakable occurence. The mastermind of this grisly plot had evaded us since 2004. Our military had tried to capture this heinous monster for years. Last year the U.S. Navy SEALS were called in to find & capture Ahmed Hashim Abed, who was the master mind.

These SEALS took on the mission understanding they were risking their lives. If captured death would be assured in a horrific style. Memories of videos where they held Americans heads back and slowly decapitated them were still very fresh in my mind. They accepted this without hesitation since they would lay down their lives for the American people. They heeded our country’s call and captured Ahmed Hashim Abed in September of 2009.

One would expect these brave men would receive a medal and heartfelt words of praise and appreciation. Although SEALS do not expect this, they definitely didn’t expect what they did get. Matthew McCabe, a Special Operations Petty Officer Second Class (SO-2), was charged with assault, dereliction of performance of duty for willfully failing to safeguard a detainee and making a false official statement. Petty Officer Jonathan Keefe, SO-2, is facing charges of dereliction of performance of duty and with making a false official statement. Petty Officer Julio Huertas, SO-1, has the same charges as Keefe and an additional charge of impediment of an investigation. This is what the Navy SEALS received from their government.

Sure, they were offered a captains Mast but taking this offer basically means that you agree that you are guilty of the charges and you can be punished within the discretion of the powers to be. They could even lose the SEAL status for which they had  endured the hardest training one could imagine. It would also mean they would be stripped of their honor and their integrity would be jaded in the eyes of others.

The reason they denied the Captains Mast was because of their principles, their honor and the integrity which they refused to lose. They would not admit guilt when they felt there was none. They have maintained their innocence from day one. With their insistence they were innocent the Big Shots decided to Court Martial all three. (As of March 28th, 2010 a news release stated that Matthew McCabe had passed a polygraph when questioned if he had punched the terrorist.)

As it became public knowledge of what was ensuing, many government branches spoke up in their defense. The SEAL 3 reached out to private counsel to assist them in the court proceedings.  The costs would be vast since the only way they could question the terrorist was to have the trials in Iraq. Many ask why they didn’t take a JAG, which is the Navy’s version of a public defender. The men wanted a separate entity to defend them instead of an attorney who is governed by the same entity that had charged them.

As the case progressed many picked up their cause and they started making websites & groups on Facebook to help them. It was discovered there were 5 witnesses in their defense that could clear their name, however in doing so they would be charged with crimes as well. As long as they stayed silent they would not incur charges. The five asked for immunity so they could testify and yet were denied.

The numbers grew on Facebook groups with an estimated 500,000 between the three top groups. Bettye Killbride offered four dollars of her book, Soul of American Warrior’s, profit to go towards the defense fund. Forged Clothing designed tee-shirts and a jacket with support slogans printed on them for the Three Navy SEALS. They donate $10.00 per article towards the defense fund. A lady from North Carolina,Susan Meredith Dunivant, designed a pin to show support with the proceeds going into the fund. Before much time had lasped, many other business’s started donating a portion of their sales.

CEO Maritime & two other companies set up non-profit accounts so all of the donations would go towards the funds. They, themselves, absorbed the cost to set up the non-profit status and volunteer their service to process the payments. They arranged it so people could pay through pay pal with their accounts, debit or credit cards. In addition, they gave information for the Chase Bank so people could wire or deposit into it.

I, myself, challenged the facebook groups and all my listed family, friends, fans, and Talk Show listeners – to donate at least one dollar to CEO Maritime’s nonprofit fund. It was a two-day event that had supporters donate, to which the majority donated more than $2.oo.  With many complaining it wasn’t landing at the right time to coincide with their pay period, I issued another challenge of sorts. I have issued a “Show me America” challenge that will end on the day of the first trial. I want Americans to show me they can give up one candy bar or one soft drink and donate that dollar to support these SEALS.  I want these three heroes to see not only money for their defense but a huge number of donations. It cost one dollar to tell them “Thank You for risking your life to protect us.”

In America, we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty and have the right to a fair and unbiased trial. I will fight for their right to have one. I will believe in them, stand by them, and fight for their rights as they risked their lives fighting for ours.

The terrorist have handbook which they hand out and instruct their cowards in case they are ever captured. They instruct them to injure themselves and cry abuse. To remember names of the people who guard them so they can tell a judge a name when asked about their injuries. They say the America people are soft and will respond to such. They plan to undermine the American Soldier by making their own people turn against them. * Note they are NOT signers of the Geneva Convention.

Finally after many protests in behalf of the SEALs, the five witnesses have been granted immunity to Keefe alone. We can only pray it will go for the other trials or the testimony from this one will reflect on the others by second-hand evidence. Although the private attorneys have slashed their fees, the expense for such a trial is massive and these three Heroes need help paying for the bill they incurred because they defended us.

The Census stated we started 2010 with over 307 million Americans. If we all gave up one dollar then we would show that we do not believe in what they did to these three and close the door to this type of action. In addition, we would be saying to them “We believe in you, we will stand beside you and we appreciate you.” The reminder of the 308 million would be spent on families that have lost their soldiers and to soldiers that have been wounded and need help.

My personal beliefs have nothing to do with my fight for their fair, unbiased trial or to raise money for their defense. I, personally, believe this should never have happened. The fact that our government would send in highly trained SEALS to complete a mission and then charge them for it is incomprehensible. It sends a clear message to our soldiers that they can be charged for doing as they are told to do.  Terrorist are making us look like a bunch of silly, brainless nitwits that do not know the meaning of “war.” Sadly it appears as if some goverment officials and citizens want our military to house them in luxury, turn down their covers at night and lay a fresh mint on their pillow for their morning breath.

My message to them is quite plain. You heartless cruel bastards – don’t cut our throats, kill and mutilate our people or there will be retaliation! “Achmed the terrorist” screaming he has a booboo on his lip shows me his kind are all a weak and spineless people! If you kill an American expect a bunch of strong, trained rough men to come in our behalf to settle our score! Superman is alive and well in America mister terrorist! Many supermen, in fact, who we call SEALS, Green Berets, Rangers and to back them up is our fearless, strong American soldiers! Our most elite team is our US NAVY SEALS! Keep whimpering about your booboo’s mister terrorist because there are more to come! You will not ever make true Americans turn on their soldiers! In November we will clean house in our government and the ones who forgot what the stars and stripes represent – will be replaced with people who not only know what is like to be a true American but exemplify it!

For more information on this case – I have supplied links. I challenge you America! I BELIEVE you will respond because I believe in you! Show me your RED WHITE AND BLUE blood! Donate at least a DOLLAR today because they will not look at the amount of donations – the seals will look at the NUMBER of people who donated first. Show them you have their back!







SEALs Face Court Martial – Video – FoxNews.com