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The morning was cool as I sat outside, slowly sipping by coffee. It was a morning ritual and one that afforded me the quietness of a still world. The clinking of my mug as I sat it back on the table would be the only noise I would hear in the stillness of the dark. It is here I would watch the sun rise slowly to reveal the landscape Mother Nature provided me. As it slowly rose the birds would burst out in song and cars would fill the air with their hurried presence.

I reached for my favorite mug and stopped while staring at it intently. It had “mommy love me” painted to appear as if a child had written it.  My two youngest sons had given me the mug as a Christmas present many years ago. They saved their change, bought it and presented to me one very bleak Christmas. I had used it almost daily since then and there was never any question that Mommy loved their every breath.

The mug had been a constant presence over many mornings and witnessed my tears, laughter, and worries in stony silence. It had observed two little boys becoming young men. It had been present while my once young face became older. It had stayed with me as everyone around me grew up or grew away. It had been sipped on by my grandchildren from my two oldest sons and it had moved with me and seen the sunrise from many states.

It’s odd how a possession can whisper remembrance of your past while its lifeless form presents itself as mere coffee receptacle. Its loyalty was undeniable as the once busy hectic mornings became silent and isolated over the years. Coffee makers had come and gone and yet here we were – the only two remaining landmarks from an era now gone and a family now with their own agenda.

This mere coffee mug, if placed on an auctioneer’s table, would be considered worthless and might find a place within a trash receptacle but to me it was a priceless possession to be guarded and protected. I suppose value is judged in the eyes of the beholder and I eye it with love. I am one of the few who recognizes its true value and probably the only one that would place a high dollar value on it.

Life is much the same as we differ on what we consider valuable. We see our family members, our friends and even our homes in a different light than others. It’s because no one can see what we have seen and they do not have access to our mind, thoughts or memories.  We are the only ones that can see with our eyes, hear with our ears, feel our emotions or experience our thought processes. Not even the person closes to us can reach that far within.

As the morning progressed it became time to put the mug in the dishwasher and start another day. My morning muses had taken me along what some may deem a silly path that offered no sustenance to the day. It was a glorious morning full of possibilities and hopes. However, I went back to the dishwasher to make sure my cup was safe from clanking against other dishes in its wash cycle. It was positioned neatly in line with other glasses safe from whatever. I had to laugh at myself and wonder why it made its presence so prominent this particular morning. I mean it’s just a cup – right?