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Today’s world is exceedingly different from the world in which we grew up. Not only is it more difficult to achieve academically, but in addition, it has become next to impossible to support yourself and your family if you don’t.

Numerous publications reach out to those that have achieved higher degrees of educations and yet leave the American with the national average of a seven point five reading level behind. Many enlightening publications haven’t been written within the average Americans reading capabilities.

            Many people have knowledge to share, yet their pearls of wisdom may fall upon deaf ears because of their lack of sentence structure. If your book or speech is not written or spoken in the correct format or proper English, many companies will simply pass you by. Basically, people are no longer listening to what you say but instead how you are saying it. They read across your words while trying to impose proper English, verb usage, and sentence structure, and totally miss the important message it was trying to impart. 

The days of a Divine spiritual message being shared are over, unless it obtains a Flesch-Kincaid of 12 or over. It is surprising that numerous sticklers of the English format have not submitted the Bible or many of our historic Presidential speeches into editing. If they had, they would be shocked and probably dismiss it contents for its lack of proper format or structure.

            “Rhia’s Corner”, my former syndicated column, had become acknowledged in many areas for its ability to talk to people one on one, heart to heart. I shared what I had been taught though out life, with all who would listen. I always felt blessed when someone would tell me that it had helped them. Yet it always saddened me to know there were some publications that wouldn’t publish my column because “They are not into editing.” They were in essence, denying many people the right to listen to what I had to share since I didn’t have an editor to sort through and edit everything I wrote or spoke about. In some cases, proper editing makes you lose the meaning of the sentence. If everyone had been so grandiose my column would have died an early death due to typo’s. I also speak fluent typonese *wink*

             We shouldn’t belittle others for their speech, accent, educational background, regional accents, or lifestyles. Yet instead, we should listen to what they have to say and encourage them to further their education and academic growth. Today, hordes of New Age people refer to Karma while professing to be loving and compassionate only to become judgmental and harsh when others do not meet their criteria of noteworthy writing. Had these literary critics been present at the writing of the Bible, Pope John Paul’s speeches, or Mother Theresa teachings, the inscriptions would never been presented to the people. Take a few minutes to view the Fleishman-Kincaid on any of these.

            I am not denying that proper sentence structure, use of proper English or punctuation is important. Nonetheless, as with anything, whenever one becomes so fastidious on how a sentence is presented, they lose sight of its true meaning or purpose.  By doing so, they have denied themselves an education from others on enlightenment. I have to say that some of the most in-depth and wisdom laden conversations I have partaken in, were from those  whom cared less if they violated the written laws of English structuring. 

            I write my articles, columns, books and speeches through my heart, with my own words and not by the English book. My expertise does not encompass proper editing yet instead it encompasses matters of the spirit, heart, and daily life.

I would like to reiterate that I am an avid supporter of furthering ones education. I truly am happy for those that have worked so very hard studying and becoming all they can be in so many different fields of expertise. I say this with deep sincerity without one ounce of cynicism. Yet, understand that just because others didn’t, it doesn’t mean they have nothing of value to offer the world. I am far from being illiterate or uneducated yet many have surpassed me on the collegiate ladder. Twice as many have not reached my rung on the ladder but I swear by all that I am – I will never dismiss their words because a lack of sentence structure. I will listen intently to learn all I can from others who want to share their lessons in life. My Grandmother, Mother nor Father attended college yet they were the wisest people I ever encountered.

This Blog is about listening to what people are saying instead of how they are saying it. It is about embracing the meaning instead of the structure. That was a valuable life lesson I was taught at a very young age.

* I would be remise if I didn’t inform you that mother DID attend college. It wasn’t during my time at home but instead my mother attended college when she was in her seventy’s.

When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.

 Ernest Hemingway (1899 – 1961)

Know how to listen, and you will profit even from those who talk badly.

Plutarch (46 AD – 120 AD)