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There are times in life that many of us lose touch with the heart. We get caught up in finances, work, trapped in self-pity over wrongs that were done to us in the past and we forget how to feel with our heart.
Love is a valuable commodity that is seasoned with morality, consideration, respect, strength & durability. It is not attached to money, success or fame. It can be a quiet feeling that bolsters your desire for success in other areas. It can be the passion that makes your step a little lighter or your desire to get out bed worthwhile. It’s what keeps you from being alone in your darkest hour or even your last breath.
Don’t lose touch with what love is or that it is energy that makes this life worthwhile. Don’t take it for granted, betray it or belittle it. It is what it is. It’s what life is all about. When you pass from this existence you cannot take your worldly possessions with you – but you can take love for it is eternal.